The documentary feature À margem do Xingu, vozes não consideradas (2011) originated from a trip through Xingu river and its tributaries. It displays alarming reports from riverside communities, Indians, farmers, environment specialists and Altamira region inhabitants, in northern Pará. These people will all be affected by the construction of Belo Monte hydroelectric dam complex, in the middle of the Amazon Forest. These reports, together with exclusive images of the affected region, invite deeper reflection on the controversial governmental project. They also shed light on the uncertain future of thousands of people who, it appears, will continue living on the margins of society.


This award-winning documentary is a partnership between Mó Documental, Poltrona Filmes and Evolvere. The latter is director Damià Puig’s producer. Janaína Welle (from Mó Documental) acted as producer and assistant director in this project, which took two years to be concluded. Acclaimed in national and international festivals, it won various important awards, such as Best Documentary at International Environmental Film Festival (IEFF 2012) in Barcelona and Best Documentary chosen by popular jury at Paulínia Film Festival in 2011. It was also nominated to Prêmio Itamaraty at the 35th edition of São paulo International Film Festival.