This photo-essay depicts the work and daily life of seven Brazilian volunteers of Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian organization. It also portrays the evils faced by Mozambique, an impoverished African country who suffers from high HIV contamination levels. The lives of these doctors and healthcare professionals are a touching example of obstinacy, solidarity and hope.


The photo-essay produced in Mozambique was published in important Brazilian communication media such as Revista Planeta and National Geographic Brasil. In Planeta, we published an eight-page story on the work of Brazilian Doctors Without Borders in Mozambique. In National Geographic, we present a global overview of Brazilian professionals’ action in conflict areas around the world.

Revista Planeta- issue 470/ November 2011

Entrevista Mia Couto:

Among the outcomes of this work, we also highlight the interview published in May 2011 with Mozambican writer Mia Couto, one of the most renowned authors in contemporary world literature. The conversation with him happened in national capital Maputo and was published in a six-page story in National Geographic Brasil. The writer’s thoughts were on the agenda. Mia Couto is also a biologist and owns a company specialized in environmental impact studies in Maputo.

Revista National - edição 32/ Setembro de 2011