Home lives inside us

Home lives inside us depicts the reality of four homeless people through objects that are part of the environment they live in. Seen from a different angle, these objects show what can still be considered “home” in the lives of Aloísio, Marlon, Lenice and Alex. These four citizens are invisible to society, but these objects reveal the desire for humanization expressed in their improvised homes, among a large city’s many adversities

With an unpublished text by Tarso de Melo, a distinguished poet of the latest writers’ generation of São Paulo, Home lives inside us is an extremely urban narrative, simultaneously raw and sensitive. In it, objects represent one of contemporaneity’s most serious problems: housing, in a context in which human beings are disposable objects, often invisible.

Text: Tarso de Melo (poem Intimate Exposure)

Ficha técnica:

Year: 2016
Genre: Documentary
Country: Brasil
Length: 13 minutes
Rate: 12 years;
Production Company: Mó Documental e Poltrona Filmes
Directors: Alexandre Macedo, Janaína Welle e João Correia Filho
Director of Photography and Edit: Alexandre Macedo
Script: Janaína Welle e João Correia Filho
Sund: Janaína Welle
Camera assistant and research: João Correia Filho
Soundtrack: Leandro V. Stein
Executive Production: Mó Documental
Poem and narration: Tarso de Melo
Translation: Elisa Hickmann (english), Janaína Welle (spanish) e Lola Pérez (poem spanish)