Pesca da tainha

Mó Documental has also been producing more extensive photo-essays, following issues that are currently being discussed around the world and deserve deeper analysis. These images are infused with a refined journalistic and aesthetic perspective, which originate from dedication and longer research and record. In Pesca da Tainha, Alexandre P. macedo, Mó Documental’s photo editor, travelled to Santa Catarina state to follow the fishing season of tainhas (mullets), a species that migrates yearly to this region of the country. Alexandre watched closely the daily life and skills of the fishermen in Santa Catarina coast, and came back with images that go far beyond aesthetic technique.

Part of the material produced by Alexandre P. Macedo was highlighted in Revista Vida Simples, issue of May 2014. The six-page story was published in Horizontes session, exclusively dedicated to photo-essays.

Ensaio publicado na Vida Simples em Nov. de 2012